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Rudisill Electric, Inc.


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General Price List

Prices are based on adequate attic space and normal ceiling heights (up to 14 feet)

Fan – wire only                                                           $150.00 each

 - with switch                                                               $150.00 each

 - hang standard fan (homeowner supplies fan)         $  85.00 each

Total:                                                                           $385.00 each  



                   - back-to-back                                         $150.00 each

                   - not back-to-back                                   $175.00 - $200.00 each

                   - dedicated (20 Amp)                              $300.00 - $400.00 each

Light - wire and install  standard light                          $150.00 each

(homeowner supplies light)                                       

  - with switch                                                              $150.00 each

Total:                                                                           $300.00 each

Pendant Light/Wall Sconce – wire and install            $150.00 each 

(homeowner supplies light)                           

  - with switch                                                             $150.00 each

Total:                                                                          $300.00 each

Flood Light  - wire and install                                    $150.00 each

(homeowner supplies light)                 

 - with switch                                                             $150.00 each

Total:                                                                         $300.00 each

Coach Lights - 2 outlets with switch                          $375.00                     

(homeowner supplies fixtures)           



LED Recessed Lights –                                            $150.00 each

Retrofit  your 4-foot fluorescent lights to energy efficient LED tubes for just $24.00 each lamp (minimum of 16 LED lamps)

TV Cable  -                                                                $150.00 each


Flat-Screen TV Installation -                                     $150.00 each

(homeowner supplies TV and TV bracket)  

Complete REVO Camera Surveillance System       $2,500.00 for 8 camera system

                                                                                 $4,500.00 for 16 camera system

REVO camera systems come with free, lifetime technical support from REVO America.  The REVO systems also have free, lifetime video and audio capability to download on your iPhone, iPad, and computer, allowing you to view the cameras from anywhere you have internet connection.  The systems also have a great feature you can use that sends you e-mail alerts when there are movements on the cameras. The Revo Camera Surveillance System comes with (1) 16 channel 2 terabyte DVR, (1) 21.5 LCD color monitor, (1) mouse, (1) remote, and (8) or (16) 660 TVL cameras with 30 IR LEDs for night vision.


Internet Cable -                                                         $150.00 each


Bathroom Exhaust Fan -                                          $150.00 each

(homeowner supplies exhaust fan)

 - with switch                                                             $150.00 each

Total:                                                                         $300.00 each

Lightning Arrester   - supply and install                    $165.00 each                

Panel Change Out -  in most cases                          $1,200.00 - $1,500.00

(includes whole house surge protector and ARK Fault breakers)

Drywall Patching -                                                      $ 75.00 per hole (painting done by others)


Hourly Rate:  $95.00 per hour

Emergency Hourly Rate: $125.00 per hour

Trip Charge:  $10.00 per service call

For the convenience of prospective customers, there will be a $105.00 service charge for cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice and non-present customers.

We accept check or cash only in form of payment.

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